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Geolog Australia Services

Downhole CCTV Inspections

Downhole CCTV bore inspections are a fast and cost effective solution to identify bore casing anomalies. Geolog Australia uses highly specialised downhole colour camera systems to obtain accurate visual images and depth recordings. The types of images and videos captured include forward and side view motion in both openhole formations and cased bores. This allows clear identification of holes in casing, blocked screens and slots, blockages and other anomalies. High resolution images are extracted from the video data for inspection reports.

Casing Condition Assessments

Casing and screen structural integrity issues can lead to significant losses of bore water production and efficiency. Geolog Australia perform Casing Condition Assessments on both Artesian and sub Artesian bores. We can indentify structural failure of casing and screens, column restrictions, flow losses, corrosion and other issues associated with the condition of casing. A conclusive casing condition assessment report is provided with each inspection and lists easy to understand recommendations with photos.

Water Quality Investigations

Groundwater quality is of extreme social, economic and environmental importance. Water quality is of high priority to Local, State and Federal Governments, Stake holders and the broader community. Water quality may be affected by minerals, chemicals or microbes. The assessment of groundwater quality may also assist in bore design, construction and environmental investigations associated with monitoring bores. Geolog Australia technicians have an extensive background working with Local and State Government water bodies, mining and private industries to provide quality assured water quality monitoring and investigation services. Geolog Australia performs a variety of Groundwater Quality Investigations to identify optimal water quality sources within water bores locating fresh or saline water bearing zones.

Geophysical Data Analysis

Geophysical and hydrogeologic data analysis and interpretation is highly specialised and extremely important for project outcome and planning purposes. Geolog Australia has more than 11 years experience in the areas of Geophysical Data Analysis & Interpretation in both the Private and Public sector, We provide fast conclusive results to identify water bearing formations, water quality, bore casing and construction anomalies.

Comprehensive Reporting

There is great importance attributed to the reporting of scientific data. Our team believe that highly technical data and information should be easily read and understood. Geolog Australia provide comprehensive easy to understand reports covering all aspects of geophysical and hydrogeological investigations carried out by our team. All reports are professional in appearance and supplied in both electronic and hard copy formats.

Recommendations & Solutions

There is a vast amount of issues that can impact water production in bores. Obtaining professional advice regarding bore water production and efficiency issues can be extremely hard to come by. This is because the vast majority of the industry focus is on drilling and pumping of bores. Geolog Australia focuses on identifying issues associated after drilling during the pumping and production phase. Geolog Australia offers professional advice, recommendations and solutions to help you remediate your bore water production issues.

About Geophysical Data Logging

Borehole geophysics is the science of recording and analysing measurements of physical properties made in cased groundwater bores or test holes. Probes that measure different properties are lowered into the borehole to collect continuous or point data that is graphically displayed as a geophysical log. Borehole geophysics is used in ground-water and environmental investigations to obtain information on well construction, rock lithology and fractures, permeability and porosity, and water quality.

Purpose for Logging

Borehole-geophysical logging can provide a wealth of information that is critical in gaining a better understanding of subsurface conditions needed for ground-water and environmental studies. Geophysical logs provide unbiased continuous and in-situ data and generally sample a larger volume than drilling samples

Assessment of Groundwater Quality

The quality of ground water is highly variable and ground-water contamination may be caused by man-made or natural sources. Integration of borehole-geophysics logging with water-quality sampling provides a more complete picture, whether the objective is to develop a water-supply well or remediate a contaminated aquifer.

Casing Condition & Well Construction

Wells are the access points to the ground-water system, and knowledge of their construction and condition are important whether they are being used for ground-water supply, monitoring, or remediation. The location and condition of casing and screen can be rapidly evaluated with geophysical logging.

Delineation of Hydrogeologic Units

The different hydrogeologic units found in the subsurface display a wide range of capabilities to store and transmit ground water and contaminants. Borehole-geophysical logging provides a highly efficient means to determine the character and thickness of the different geologic materials penetrated by wells and test holes. This information is essential for proper placement of casing and screens in water-supply wells and for characterizing and remediating ground-water contamination.

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Water is critical for real world applications such as town water supplies, irrigated cropping and other activities that require a reliable ground water source.

Bore efficiency is critical to many industries that require realiability of supply to industries such as Agriculture and Mining.

It is important to take ACTION to avoid uneccesary downtime or losses in production.

Early detection of bore issues can help save significant costs in costly repairs. Issues with bores generally evolve over time and do not present themselves until it is too late.

Bore casings that develop holes may allow entry of sand that can lead to rapid pump failure.

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